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Our Must Have Travel Gear

After travelling for over a decade and 100+ countries, we understand how daunting it can be to pack for your first trip. I still remember leaving for my first overseas 'trip', rocking up to Adelaide airport with two large suitcases, thinking I have my entire life in my hands. Little did I know at the time, I was massively over-prepared. Over on our blog, Zala runs through a series over there with packing tips and tricks as it can be difficult. What you pack in Iceland is entirely different to what you pack in Morocco!

Below is a list of our "must-have" travel items that will 'generally' go with us every trip no matter the continent, climate or desired outcome. We try to be as minimalist as it comes, flying economy class with carrying on luggage or campervanning around Australia with just a weeks worth of clothes. Matthew always packs more than me, because as you know, men can be difficult, but he may have an excuse with all that camera gear. Also listed below is the equipment we utilise to create our vlogs and blogs.

Like always, if you have any questions about the gear we use or why we use it - please don't hesitate to contact us.

Camera / Vlogging

GoPro Hero 10 - Main Vlogging Camera

GoPro Hero 9 - Secondary Vlogging Camera

GoPro Accessory Kit - Handy Travel GoPro Kit

DJI Mavic Air 2S - Change & up your Vlogging game

RØDE VideoMicro - Great Little Travel Microphone

Fujifilm X-T4 - Low Light Filming/Photography Camera

Fujifilm XF 16mm F/1.4 - Low Light Filming Lens

Filming Night Light - Super handy!

You Can View All Our Gear Here!

Our Photography Gear - Hemispheres Apart


Engel 40lt Fridge - Low Power Consumption, Perfect!

Engel Transit Bag - Protection & Keeps it cool

Lithium Battery - Our lifeline in the campervan

Dual Battery Setup - Don't waste your main starter battery

Solar Panel - Solar saves our arse when camping remotely

2.5M Awning - Lifesaver on those hot Aussie days

Kayak's - For us, a MUST HAVE when travelling!

Magnetic Lights - Baseus Magnetic USB-C Rechargable Lights

Our Campervan Gear - Hemispheres Apart


Bikinis - Zala's endless range of gorgeous bikinis!

Zala's Clothes - We know how much a women loves her clothes!

Travel Backpack - The most comfortable travel backpack i've owned.

Travel Photography Backpack - The perfect travel camera backpack

Glasses / Sunglasses - We both need them, but this saved a lot of money

Photography Clothing - Matthew's exclusive photography clothing

Our Clothes - Hemispheres Apart

Must Have's

Kindle - Pass Time With A Ripper Of A Book

Battery Pack - Super Handy For Travel

Instax mini 90 camera - Zala's Little Baby

Instax Film - Never Miss Another Shot :)

Headtorch - A Must Have Travelling In The Outback

Travel Towel - Always A Beach Around The Corner!

Travel Pillow - For Those Long Days on The Road

Packing Cubes - Great For Neat & Tidy Packing

Our Must Have's - Hemispheres Apart

Travel Help

Flights - The Easiest and Cheapest Website for flights

Hostels - The largest range of hostels around the world

Hotels - Recommend with the free cancellation and reward points

Things To Do - Find the best things to do in the area your visiting

Adventure/Experiences - A platform to book adventures worldwide

Worldwide Car Rental - Compare all car rental companies

Europe Travel - The Easiest way to travel Europe by Train/Bus

Asia Travel - The best website to travel all around Asia

Save Money - Extension for coupons to save money on any website

Our Travel Help Advice - Hemispheres Apart


Adobe Creative - Photo & Video Editing Software

Dell 15" XPS - Super Fast Editing Laptop

Sandisk SSD - The BEST Travel SSD's

Seagate 2TB HDD - Great for backup storage on the road

Huion KD200 - Get the very best out of your editing skills

Best For Bloggers - Perfect website hosting at affordable costs

Envato Elements - The best website for digital content creators

Our Editing Gear & Software - Hemispheres Apart

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